The Books Have Arrived

Posted by Richard Vobes Richard Vobes
Happy that books have arrivedOn Monday, this week, a large lorry pulled up outside my house with thirty brown boxes on board. Seven hundred copies of Splidge the Cragflinger had arrived from the book printers. Naturally, I was thrilled.

The immediate question - where to store them? Initially my son, Billy, and I unloaded them and stacked the boxes in my living room and, once there, I tore a box open at random and pulled out a copy to inspect. Beautifully printed with a colour cover and black and white insides, the book looked wondered. I am very happy with the result.

The next stage of my book publishing life is to get them out of my house and into the world, preferably into the hands of children to read. Although plenty of followers of my work have read the book (or are still in the process of reading it) I need to have the target audience feast their eyes on my words and give me their feedback.

The advantage of having printed copies is that you can hand them to people easily, and they immediately get what it is. I mean, a digital books is a marvelous invention and people love to read ebooks using their electronic gadgets, but the second you hold a printed book you know what it is. You feel the weight of it, smell it, open it and read snippets from it, look at the pictures (if there any) and also  get a sense of how long the story is going to be. There is something magical about a real printed book. have a giveaway promotion on their website encouraging people to apply for free books. I have set up my giveaway there and have currently on offer five books, but they are limited to readers in the UK. I have to supply the books, which of course I am happy to do, but I also have to pay the postage on them, so for my first go at this giveaway I have limited the promotion to my country to see how it works out.

Next, I want to attend Christmas fairs and school events to promote the book and my target age group. Also there are local book shops to talk andd on what terms they might take it. I will keep you up dated on how that goes.