Splidge is at the Printers

Posted by Richard Vobes Richard Vobes
I am thrilled! My first book, published with a proper ISBN number and by proper printers! In the photo, you can see the laminated covers stacked up waiting to be trimmed and attached to the inside pages of the book.

Many years ago, when I left school, I worked for a small printing firm in Horsham, West Sussex. I learned the trade and became a printer for two and a half years. It was great fun. I operated a Multilith 1250 print machine. I would help with the art work and make printers plates, load the paper, ink the rollers and print.

The copies of Splidge's first adventure will be available to purchase very soon at a very competitive price. Do let me know if you would like one. I will sign it for you and dedicate to you and your family!

You can find out more about the book printers I used by following the link below. They are called Berfort and special in book publication. I must thank them for their super help in bring Splidge to the world.

Berforts Book Printers: http://berforts.co.uk/