Splidge Book 1

Posted by Richard Vobes Richard Vobes
This is exciting! I have a copy of the Splidge the Cragflinger, book 1, The Royal Tournament, back from Lulu.com. Having spent the past six months editing the text (in between writing book two) it is great to have a completed version of the work. However, I currently reading it from cover to cover and going through the story, tweaking it here and there as plot points strike me and changing elements of the edit which no longer seems right or relevant. So, there is still plenty of red pen on the pages. I suppose it is all part of the process. I am very proud of the work and thankful to my friend, Karen, who assisted in the editing, pointing out many of the examples of tautology and double words which I had the habit of accidentally pointing in. It has been a steep learning curve and now going it alone on the final stages.

Once the red penning of the master proof copy is complete, the next step is to get printed a short number of copies to hand out to young readers and see what they make of it. By getting their feedback, I hope to improve the story and text. Once that is complete, I will self-publish it. The adventure will available in ebook form as well as a printed version (print on demand).

The second book, The Purple Death, is written and I am editing the first draft at the moment. Like the first book, it is roughly 110,000 words and 330 pages. It takes Splidge and his friends on a wild journey across the unknown areas of Gud in search of monsters.

A Third book is slowly evolving, The Isle of Gid; a story that has the young Cragflinger and his friends away from the City and among the dubious Giddy Isles with pirates and buccaneers to contend with.

I have more adventures planned for Splidge, as well as many completely new book series and characters. I just need more time to write it all.

Anyway, the more I do, the better the work improves. At least I hope so. Thanks for your continual interest.