Infographics - What are they and why bother?

Posted by Richard Vobes Richard Vobes
Infographic of SplidgeHave you seen those strange pictures on the Internet that have writing on them as well as drawings or photographs? There are more and more of them popping up on the web and they look like an advert or a postcard or something cut out of a magazine. Well, these are called infographics.

I suppose the term comes literally from information in a graphical image, and if it doesn't derive from that, then it should, because that is what they appear to be.

I can't say I fully understand the point of them because the text isn't searchable. It's buried as pixels in the image. However, it is a very easy thing to post via social media, place on websites or even to attach to email. It saves space and a lot of typing and it can be helpful to convey information in a visual way.

So much for what they are, but why am I bothering? Well, my initial thought was ... wouldn't it be fun to have those swap cards that you used to get as kids? When I was young it used to be pictures of racing cars, or safari animals or famous people from TV shows printed on playing card size boards with a few details about them. My friends and I used to collect them and swap them. We soon learnt a lot about those subjects because it was fun. I bet there are still swap cards around today.

Well, to help children (and their parents) understand what my book, Splidge the Cragflinger, is about they could watch the book trailer,  read the synopsis on the back of the book, or they could collect these colourful digital infographics and swap 'em!

This is the first one about my central character, Splidge. He's a Cragflinger and ... wait a second, I don't have to tell you that, do I? It's on the Infographic! See how simple it can be? Why not collect and 'share' (that's the modern term these days) them with your friends?

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