Has Twitter Changed?

Posted by Richard Vobes Richard Vobes
I've been using the micro blogging site Twitter for many years now and have always had a love-hate relationship with it. I love the way you can find people and strike up conversations, but hate the fleeting nature of the posts and the fact that if you are not on it, there and then, the chances are you will not see my tweets.

Actually, that last aspect is a real bug bear for me. It means, as a tweeter, you have continually need to be on twitter and the more people you follow, the more fleeting the timeline becomes. And to cap it all, twitter does not permit me to send the same tweet more than once in 24 hours.

That's daft. Because of the limited visibility of the tweets, one ought to be able to set the number of times a tweet will go out in a given period.

Anyway, that is nothing to my main complaint. I think Twitter has changed from the original micro blogging - what are you doing? - following people, reading their thoughts and enjoying activities in photos and simply become a sales newsfeed site, like a bulletin board.

Maybe it's the people I follow, but all I get in my time line are endless links to blogs, ebooks, or products and very little personal content.

I don't bother to click the links, rarely look at the photos as they're usually sales promos,  and in the end, I eventually stop following.

The sad part is, I am doing the same. I have found myself tweeting about my book, my website and blog posts. So I have become as bad, or the same, as everyone else. Is it any wonder I rarely now get a reply, acknowledgement or have a conversation on twitter. I only have myself to blame.